October 18, 2011

Get ready to decorate your trunks!!  It’s Trunk or Treat time!!  Trunk or Treat is a Halloween event where our church family is encouraged to open their trunks, or the backs of their vehicles, and decorate them. Then you pass out candy from your trunks. The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters. We will be doing this at 6 pm on October 31st, right here at the church.  You can use a Biblical theme to decorate OR here are a few other ideas:  NASCAR Theme - Display all your souvenirs; Harvest Theme; Sports Theme (pick a sport) - Team displays are popular; Popular Kid's Themes: Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Veggie Tales, Backyardigans (if you have kids and they're into a particular character you can use their stuff. Other kids will love it); Animal Themes - Stuffed animals count; Movie Themes (Keep the kids in mind though); Western Theme; Camping Out theme; Christmas (or other holiday) Theme; Gone Fishing Theme; Pirate Theme; or Beach/Luau Theme.  Don't forget about a costume for yourself. The best and most interesting trunks have their owners dressed to match the theme.